310 Stainless Steel Round Bar

Product Details:
Material Grade Stainless Steel 310
Single Piece Length 36 meter, >36 meter, 18 meter, 6 meter, Or As Per Requirement, 3 meter
UNS Number S31000
Condition New
Material Stainless Steel
Application Construction
Test Certificate Available
Third Party Inspection Tip Available
Thickness/Diameter 0-1 inch, Or As Per Requirement, >4 inch, 3-4 inch, 2-3 inch, 1-2 inch

Grade 310 Stainless Steel Round Bar providescombining excellent high temperature properties with good ductility and weldability, is designed for high temperature service. It resists oxidation in continuous service at temperatures up to 1150 DegreeC provided reducing sulphur gases are not present. It is also used for intermittent service at temperatures up to 1040 DegreeC.

Grade 310S (UNS S31008) is used when the application environment involves moist corrodents in a temperature range lower than that which is normally considered “high temperature” service. The lower carbon content of 310S does reduce its high temperature strength compared to 310.

Like other austenitic grades these have excellent toughness, even down to cryogenic temperatures, although other grades are normally used in this environment.