Butt Weld Equal Tee

Buttweld Equal Tee is the prime option to choose for any interlinked plumbing system confined in an area. Constructed and designed in the shape of alphabet ‘T’, this type of fitting can attach with it two horizontal and one vertical pipes. Widely used in diverse piping systems of several industries, these tees have are available in different surface finish like hot dipped galvanized, epoxy coated and electro- polished.

The shape of the fitting is designed for making a 90° branch from the main run of pipe. In our pipe fittings, we have standardized center-to-end dimensions, end-to-end dimensions and some squareness dimensional tolerances. Tested for their sustainability for adverse weather conditions are reactions from chemicals, the fittings are in conformation with the industry standards and norms.

Available Construction:

Technical Specifications:
Standard Material Grades Of Buttweld Equal Tees : 
Stainless Steel Grades : 
ASTM A403 grade WP304, WP304L, WP304H, WP304N, WP304LN, WP309, WP310S, WPS31254, WP316, WP316L, WP316H, WP316N, WP316LN, WP317, WP317L, WP321H, WP321, ASTM A815 S31803, S32750, S32760, S32205

Standard Material Grades In Stainless Steel : 
ASTM A182 F304, F304H, F304L, F304N, F304LN, F309H, F310, F310H, F316, F316H, F316L, F316N, F316LN, F317, F317L, F347, F347H, F321, F321H, FXM-19, F50, F51, F53, F55, F60, F904L