Tee Basket Type Strainer

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We offer Y type strainer, which are used removing foreign particles from liquids, gas or steam lines. Known for their high performance and longer service life, our Y type strainer are a perfect solution to serve the requirements of various industries.
Basket Type Strainer
Body C.I. / WCB / CF8 / CF8M
Screen Brass / SS 304 / 316
Ends Scr / SW / Flanged End
Hyd.Test Pressure WCB / S.S. (Flanged End)
Body : 854 Psig (60 Kg/cm²)
S.S. (Screwed End)
Body : 425 Psig (30 Kg/cm²)
C.I. ( Flanged / Screwed)
Body : 213 Psig (15 Kg/cm²)
Size  15 MM to 600 MM
Tee Type Strainer
Body  ASTM A 105
Screen SS 316
Ends Screwed / Socket weld end
Test Press Body : 3000 PSIG ( 211 Kg/cm²)
Size Range 15mm to 50mm
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