Buttweld Reducing Tee

Buttweld Reducing Tee plays the part of both reducer and a tee in a piping system. It allows the connection of 3 pipes of different diameters in a system. Other than this, it reduces the fluid flow in and out of the pipe.

These pipe fittings are wisely made from the best grades of stainless steel, in accordance with the international standards. We have stringently tested all these reducing tees if they can withstand varying temperature and pressure level in an environment. In construction, these pipe fittings have three openings for connecting pipes.

It prime use in the industrial pipelines is to change the liquid or gas flow or to reduce the size of the fitting from a branch. These are available in both threaded and unthreaded end connections, out of which threaded provide tighter seal than of unthreaded.

Our entire stock is majorly supplied for use in several industries of oil, beverage, petroleum, food processing and construction. We have in our stock wide options in dimension, size, shape, wall thickness and construction materials.

Technical Specifications :

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Welded: 1/2″-48″ (DN15-DN1200)
  • Seamless 1/2″-24″(DN15-DN600)
  • ASME B16.9, GB/T12459,GB/T13401,SH3408,SH3409,HG/T216345,HG/T21631, MSS SP-43, DIN2605,JIS B2313